Ziptility brings valuable tools to the operations and asset management space for small utility teams. We were approached to reimagine their existing product from the ground up. A design system built for web and mobile empowered Ziptility to develop new applications and continue disrupting their space.


Product Design


Design System, UX/UI


Web, Mobile

Quick & Easy

Utility work is rarely quick or easy. One flow we obsessed over was the creation of tasks — a crucial experience for managers and those working in the field. The result was an efficient process that allowed detailed requests to be added to a queue and keep workers on the job.

Design at Scale

At the onset of work, one demand arose above the others — a design system built for web and mobile — that scales. While redesigning their web and mobile app experiences, we crafted a design system built for the future while supporting their current product's needs.


We designed an admin portal where admins could access reports, assets, and city maps. The work on these dashboards came together in a timely manner thanks to the system on the design we built. Overall, it is a big value add that complimented Ziptility’s core product.


Project Manager: Anne Newton

Art Direction: Shaun Moynihan

Design: Brian White, Shaun Moynihan

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