We partnered with Levis to develop a new way for their designers to create and produce denim products. Furthermore, we designed and developed a strategy that better aligned their internal ordering and logistics team with a living, breathing design system.


UX Research, Design


UI, UX, Strategy, User Research


Desktop, Mobile

Core Experience

We worked closely with the systems team at Levis to create an atomic system that was built to scale but also served unique use cases efficiently. The work with their internal teams was highly productive and interactive throughout the engagement.

The primary goal for the tablet product was to craft an experience that felt familiar. We drew comparisons from similar apps designers are familiar with, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, or new-fangled tools, such as Figma and Sketch.

Dedicated Features

More than just a visual tool, the tablet product features a robust file system and permissions systems, making it a proper design tool for a growing team. Systems such as versioning, history states, and internal/external sharing were crucial areas in which we focused our research when working with the team at Levis.

Careful consideration was given to general accessibility and affordance as many users would be in low-lighting environments at flagship store locations across the country.

Cross Platform

The experience comes full circle in the back office tool. Known internally as Base of Materials (BOM), this system is the foundation for the web and tablet experience we created for Levis.

We delivered a solution that complimented their existing design system while elegantly matching our work on the web and tablet offerings. The work here was about creating better tools and processes with far-reaching benefits for consumers and employees.


Art Direction: Rob Soulé

Design: Shaun Moynihan

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