Crafting a new brand identity for an emerging business in the employee rewards space. Arcade was looking to create a brand which would be engaging but also supportive of increased marketing efforts. We partnered with their leadership team to craft a number of concepts before ultimately landing on a quirky yet distinguishable identity.


Brand Strategy


Brand Guidelines, Collateral


Online, Events

A New Take

We developed a number of concepts all geared towards creating a mark that told a store and directly related to their product offering. In early discussions, themes such as classic gaming arose which led to several concepts leaning in that direction.

All In The Details

Simple, yet engaging. The logo mark was bold, chunky, but also interactive. The ‘wink’ was developed as a secondary brand element throughout the core product and mobile application. As Hillary Duff once said, “The eyes are the window to the soul.”

Fully Featured

Traditionally, we delivered a complete set of collateral to assist Arcade in its recruiting, sales endeavors, and in-person event programs. At the time of doing this work, Arcade was in a rapid state of growth, so a set of Brand Guidelines allowed their design and marketing teams to find immediate success in their offline and online efforts.


Project Manager: Nathan Coffman

Art Direction: Shane Helm

Design: Shaun Moynihan

Illustration: Rocky Roark

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