Puzzle Peace

As digital puzzles have gained popularity, Puzzle Peace has looked to enter the genre by introducing an app of their own. An experience driven by user customization and a minimal yet intuitive interface.


UX Research, Design


UI, UX, Strategy, User Research


Desktop, Web

Getting Started

Drawing inspiration from other apps in the genre showed that users demanded a more personal and fresh experience.

We designed a guided onboarding experience driven by user customization right out of the gate. This tested well with early adopters, who appreciated the personalized experience not found in similar apps. Another value add was a coin system developed to facilitate increased daily use and drive recurring revenue. Features such as difficulty, rewards, and background music contributed to an enjoyable, pleasant user experience.

Dark Mode

Careful consideration was given to typography and contrast, especially with the addition of dark mode, ensuring that the details which make the application stand out are not lost in the process.

Scale Up

With initial success found on smaller devices, we brought the app tablets in a timely manner, thanks to the design system we established.

With the increased real estate, we looked to offer an enhanced, yet complimentary, experience. Bigger images and a unique layout for the puzzle view all played a part in the experience. Unlike the mobile app, we provided the user with much more space to navigate and interact with the experience.


Project Management: Anne Newton

Art Direction: Vin Thomas

Design: Shaun Moynihan

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